Marit Bergman Original Album Classics (3 CD) Серия: Original Album Classics инфо 3977v.

Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в коробку Содержание CD1: Marit Bergman Baby Dry Your Eye 1 Intro / Love For Sale 2 Tomorrow Is Today 3 Adios Amigos 4 Can I Keep Him 5бяуту Shame On Me 6 I Will Always Be Your Soldier 7 Let's Just Fall In Love 8 Come Back An Haunt Me 9 Mystery 10 Place Your Bets 11 You're With Me 12 Miss You 13 Outro CD2: Marit Bergman I Think It's A Rainbow 1 You Can't Help Me вльфъNow 2 No Party 3 Sun Goes Down 4 Alone Together 5 Mama, I Remember You Now 6 Eyes Were Blue 7 Today Will Be The Day When Mourning Ends 8 Green Light 9 Still Summer 10 Forever Doesn't Live Here Anymore CD3: Marit Bergman 300 AM Serenades 1 This Is The Year 2 Julia 3 To Brazil 4 It Would Have Been Good 5 Waste More Time 6 Keanu Eyes 7 You Did Not Love Me At All 8 I Take My Wings Off You 9 Nightlife 10всхшн Girl Figure Skater 11 Between The Lines Исполнитель Мэрит Бергмэн Marit Bergman.