Herbert Blomstedt Mendelssohn Elias (2 CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD Дистрибьютор: RCA Red Seal Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2005 г Концертная запись: Импортное издание инфо 4812y.

Автор музыки: Феликс Мендельсон-Бартольди Предлагаем вашему вниманию произведения Феликса Мендельсона-Бартольди Содержание CD1: Herbert Blomstedt Mendelssohn Elias 1 Introduction 2 Overбясьшture 3 "Help, Lord! The Deep Affords No Water," Chorus 4 "Lord! Bow Thine Ear," Duet And Chorus 5 "Ye People, Rend Your Hearts," Recitative 6 "If With All Your Hearts," Aria 7 "Yet Doth The Lord See Itвлыме Not," Chorus 8 "Eilijah! Get Thee Hence," Recitative 9 "For He Shall Give His Angels," Quartet 10 "Now Cherith's Brook Is Dried Up" 11 "What Have I To Do With Thee?" Recitative 12 "Blessed Are The Men That Fear Him," Chorus 13 "As God The Lord," Recitative 14 "Baal, We Cry To Thee," Chorus 15 "Call Him Louder Hear Our Cry," Recitative 16 "Call Him Louderвсхйл Hear The Answer, Baal!," Recitative 17 "Lord God Of Abraham," Aria 18 "Cast Thy Burden Upon The Lord" 19 "O Thou, Who Makest Thine Angels Spirits," Recitative 20 "Is Not His Word Like A Fire?," Aria CD2: Herbert Blomstedt Mendelssohn Elias 1 "Woe Onto Them," Arioso 2 "O Man Of God O Lord, Thou Hast Overthrown," Recitative 3 "Thanks Be To God!," Chorus 4 "Hear Ye, Israel," Aria 5 "Be Not Afraid," Chorus 6 "The Lord Hath Exalted Thee," Reciative & Chorus 7 "Woe To Him," Chorus 8 "Man Of God," Recitative 9 "It Is Enough," Aria 10 "See, Now He Sleepeth," Recitative 11 "Lift Thine Eyes," Trio 12 "He, Watching Over Israel," Chorus 13 "Arise, Elijah," Recitative 14 "O Rest In The Lord," Aria 15 "He That вудзбShall Endure To The End," Chorus 16 "Night Falleth Round Me," Recitative 17 "Behold! God The Lord Passeth By!," Chorus 18 "Above Him Stood The Seraphim," Recitative 19 "Go, Returm Upon Thy Way! I Go On My Way," Chorus & Recitative 20 "For The Mountains Shall Depart," Aria 21 "Then Did Elijah," Chorus 22 "Then Shall The Righteous Shine Forthe," Aria 23 "Behold, God Hath Sent Elijah" 24 "But The Lord O Come Everyone That Thristeth," Chorus 25 "And Then Shall Your Light Break Forth," Final Chorus Исполнитель Герберт Бломстедт Herbert Blomstedt.